There has been a paradigm shift in the last few years, in the domain of computational materials science. Efficient computational resources are enabling researchers to generate a large amount of data. Moreover, advancement in data science techniques is making it possible to interpret a large amount of data for certain materials property as well as predicting new materials. A number of highly efficient applications are being developed to handle a huge number of calculations altogether.

CINEMAS has been conceptualized to facilitate calculations through an easy-to-use integrated graphical user interface(GUI). CINEMAS can prepare, execute, and manage tens of thousands of calculations from a single canvas. CINEMAS can perform Density Functional Theory(DFT) calculations primarily and also secondary calculations additionally, using DFT output data. Several required tools such as visualizer, plotter, connections, file-transfer, drawing are stitched together to build CINEMAS as an integrated efficient-GUI based platform.

CINEMAS has the same design for its user-interface, screenshots from the supported OSs(Windows,Linux, and MacOS) are shown throughout the documentation.


Fig. 1 CINEMAS concept(present and future).

Users can cite following paper to acknowledge the use and encourage the further development of CINEMAS:

Kapil Gupta, Satadeep Bhattacharjee, and Seung-Cheol Lee,
CINEMAS: Comprehensively INtegrated Environment for advanced MAterials Simulations
Computational Materials Science 188,110238 (2021).

CINEMAS is distributed free of cost. Users can find full license here

The latest version of CINEMAS for your choice of OS can be downloaded from here.

A user-forum is available for questions/queries/help on CINEMAS platform.