CINEMAS-draw is an integrated tool of CINEMAS, where users can prepare figures for publication or otherwise. CINEMAS-draw can be used as a standalone application to prepare figures from scratch, or the graphics can be exported from CINEMAS-view and CINEMAS-plot directly and further drawings can me made.

CINEMAS-draw can export graphics in jpg/png formats with up-to 20X scaling, as well as vector formats like ps/eps/pdf.

CINEMAS-draw is not just a basic ‘paint’ application, some features are:

  • Special character and mathematical symbols available through GUI.

  • Mathematical equation(characters based) can be inserted through GUI.

  • Mathematical equation(Latex based) can be inserted. A separate Latex installation is required.

  • Drawings are object based. Once drawn, elements can be moved, dragged or repositioned(powerpoint style).

  • Drawing elements are depth enabled. For multiple superposed elements, can be brought to front or sent to back.

  • Multiple drawings can be made in tab arrangement, and can be saved on consolidated CINEMAS project.

One can navigate to CINEMAS-draw using ‘Drawer’ button as shown below:


Fig. 86 Navigate to CINEMAS-draw.

Users can start afresh from CINEMAS-draw or use 2draw button, from CINEMAS-view(including its Fermi-surface utility) or CINEMAS-plot toolbar to export graphics from there and further draw on them or use them.


Fig. 87 Export graphics from CINEMAS-view.


Fig. 88 Export graphics from CINEMAS-plot.

Figures can be prepared by mixing several graphics from CINEMAS-view or CINEMAS-plot. One such example is shown below:


Fig. 89 Exporting and mixing graphics from CINEMAS-plot and CINEMAS-view, to prepare a figure.


Fig. 90 A sample drawing created and exported from CINEMAS-draw. Structure shown is directly exported from CINEMAS-view.

More about CINEMAS-draw

Drawings can be made in CINEMAS-draw by:

  • Starting from a blank page using the icon new_draw from CINEMAS-draw toolbar.


  • Exporting graphics from CINEMAS-view/Fermi-surface/CINEMAS-plot by clicking the icon export_2_draw from their respective toolbar.

The following is CINEMAS-draw parent window, and multiple drawings can be created in multiple tabs, and all of them can be saved in main CINEMAS project file.


Fig. 91 Snapshot of CINEMAS-draw window.

From the toolbar:

  • Add a blank page within CINEMAS-draw by clicking new_draw icon.

  • A click on this button creates a new tab with a blank canvas.

  • Images from disk can be inserted by clicking the icon insert_draw.

  • A shape from the list can be selected and drawn on the canvas, using the icon shapes_menu

  • Style Options provides properties console, as shown in Fig. 96.


Fig. 92 CINEMAS-draw: snapshot of menu showing list of available shapes from the toolbar.


Fig. 93 Available shapes actually drawn on the canvas. Click on the image for its original size and resolution.

  • An area on the canvas can be selected for various purposes by using the icon rubber_select.

  • Images can be cropped to the selected area by using the icon crop_draw.

  • Images can be saved to file with several formats like JPG/PNG/EPS/PS/PDF.

  • Scaling up-to 30X is available for raster(JPG/PNG) formats.

Available properties are:

  • Line properties.

  • Color(Fill/font) properties.

  • Rotation properties.

  • Shadow properties with gradient control.

  • Polygon corner rounding.

  • Transparent drawings(remove BG).

  • Depth control of objects(bring to front/send to back). See Fig. 95.

  • Insert Latex snippet, See Fig. 96, Fig. 97.


Fig. 94 Some of the available properties and effects for objects in CINEMAS-draw.


Fig. 95 Depth control for drawing objects.


Fig. 96 Latex snippet in CINEMAS-draw. A latex package has to be installed separately.


Fig. 97 Writing equation in CINEMAS-draw. A latex package has to be installed separately.

Drawings crated within CINEMAS-draw can be exported into raster(JPG/PNG) and vector(PS/EPS/PDF) formats, see Fig. 98. Raster images can be scaled up-to 30X while exporting, see Fig. 99.


Fig. 98 Writing equation in CINEMAS-draw. A latex package has to be installed separately.


Fig. 99 Writing equation in CINEMAS-draw. A latex package has to be installed separately.