CINEMAS-plot is an integrated component to plot numerical data as graphs of several types, at par with a stand-alone plotting application. CINEMAS-plot be envoked directly or through Analysis-workspace plot, from the CASCADE workflows.

CINEMAS-plot has a table-and-graph layout, where user has control over the table as well as the graph. Data can be imported as a table, from file(s) in .dat or .csv format(as in latest version of CINEMAS). A number of mathematical functions can be operated on columns, to modify the table.

CINEMAS-plot tables

Tables in CINEMAS-plot are tailored for DFT utilities. And functions and operations are available to meet frequent requirements of a DFT user.

  • New tables can be created.

  • Data can be imported to these tables from files with DAT/CSV formats.

  • Both plain CSV and nested CSV(Fig. 79) are supported in CINEMAS-plot.


Fig. 79 CINEMAS-plot tables: Nested CSV loaded as a table, See column #5.

  • Data from CINEMAS-plot tables can be exported to CSV/DAT file formats.

  • Cells, rows, columns, or regions within a table can be highlighted for references or discussion purposes(Fig. 80, Fig. 81).

  • Change of color available for both, background as well as fonts.


Fig. 80 CINEMAS-plot: appearance of table/graph window.


Fig. 81 CINEMAS-plot table: color highlighting and available statistical operations.

  • Several operations and functions are available for tables.

  • There are general but advantageous operations. See Fig. 82,

  • There are statistical operations available. See Fig. 81.


Fig. 82 CINEMAS-plot table: Available options for tables.

  • Both the tables and the graphs, can go full-screen for views and work both. See Fig. 81, Fig. 83.


Fig. 83 CINEMAS-plot: Graph window in full-screen mode.

CINEMAS-plot graphs

Numeric data from the table(s) can be plotted as several types of graphs:

  • Line

  • Line + scatter

  • Scatter

  • Histogram

  • Pie chart

  • Bar plots(Row/Column)

Graphs can be exported to .jpg/.png format with scaling up-to 20X, and vector formats like .ps/.eps/.pdf.


Fig. 84 CINEMAS-plot: appearance of table/graph window.


Fig. 85 A sample graph from data driven computations.