How to manage Job status(Queue)

  • Status of all the workflows submitted to a remote server, are displayed in Queue workspace on the top-right side of CASCADE window, as shown in the Fig. 156


Fig. 156 Queue: A snapshot of CASCADE window with workflows and their status displayed in the Queue workspace.


Fig. 157 A close-up snapshot of Queue workspace.


Fig. 158 Description of the status-display of an individual workflow.

  • in-queue button: A Job is waiting in queue on the remote server.

  • running button: A job is running on the remote server.

  • completed button: A job is completed.

  • kill button: Kill a job running on the remote server.

  • refresh button: Refresh the status of an individual job.

  • Refresh button in green color, can be used to refresh the entire list of jobs displayed in the queue workspace.

  • Clear button in green color, can be used to clear completed jobs out the queue workspace.